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One of the great things about living on a small island is that it is possible to see everything within a day, so you can quickly discover your favourite spots.

Thats exactly what we did today, exploring all of Yoron, on foot, yep. Starting point was, of course, in the north where the Shima Hotel is located.

['Shima' by the way means 'island' in japanese and even has it's own kanji 島 ]

We did not dare to count, but out of the 60 beaches Yoron is said to have, it was surely possible to see a lot of them. With little to no traffic on most streets, walking on them is actually quite comfortable and locals will sometimes drive behind you if they feel like there is not enough space to safely overtake a pedestrian. Speaking of deceleration, there is only a single traffic light on the whole island, quite unbelieveable for someone coming from the city. Another thing you will happily get used to quickly : Most of the very friendly people you encounter will appreciate your presence with a friendly nod while in car, or a warm greeting on the street.

Needless to say, even though the island is not a very big one, it was quite a challenge to see nearly all of Yoron within one day, and within the first hour it was neccessary to switch from shoes to flip flops - exploiting the fact that the low tide allows you to quickly pass from beach to beach without having to retrace back to the street every single time.

The variety of things you can see within a day is truly inspiring in Yoron. The sandy shores of Yurigahama are within walking distance of the ethnic village and the yoron castle ruins are also just around the corner, up the meowntain.

The diversity Yoron has to offer is simply astonishing and if you get the chance to use a full day for exploring, use that chance. You will find a lot of beaches in the most hidden corners, abandoned buildings and variety of wildlife and of course, cats.

After walking for nearly 6 hours, it was possible to see most of Yoron within the day. Nothing more rewarding than a beautiful sunset and a relaxing evening!

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