How to reach Yoron

How to reach Shima Hotel

Getting Here

1.By ferry boat

It takes more time, but it's the cheapest option. A-Line and Marix companies are alternating service and each provide 1 boat per day, respectively from Okinawa (Naha) and Kagoshima. Travel duration are 5 hours from Naha and 20 hours from Kagoshima (night cruise). Timetables and prices are available on each company website, in japanese only. Please contact us for further information.


2. By plane

The most expensive but fastest option. Ryukyu Air Commuter flies to and from Naha Airport in Okinawa and Japan Air Commuter services Kagoshima and Okinoerabu Airports. From Naha, travel duration is 45 minutes. Tickets can be booked on Japan Airlines company website.


We welcome you and provide a 10 minutes lift to the hotel from the port or airport. Please let us know in advance if your group has more than 5 people.

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